Today, major carriers continue to invest in “Loss Prevention” or “Loss Control” hoping that an active Loss Control program can help to reduce the occurrence of accidents and to control future premium costs. However they are increasingly finding it difficult to justify investments without accurate measurements to determine the relative success of Loss Control efforts.

Loss Control Heads would like to have precise data on the amount of losses “the loss prevention department” could prevent .They prefer their budget to be based on the loss prevention potential. In addition they are looking for a smart system that selects policyholders for service based on loss prevention potential apart from improving the workflow of the Loss Control operations.

In a nut shell, a Loss Control department needs a next-generation system that will select, assign, and measure the results of company’s loss control efforts.

24×7 ESI “Loss Control Solution” – Framework

24×7 ESI Loss Control System is a customized workflow system catering to the needs of Loss Control Consultants that involves the total cycle starting from budgeting and planning for existing/new accounts, Request/ Manage/Track Loss Control Inspections and Approval. This web based system enables consultants to create, track and manage their service and balance the workload of consultants. The service request is initiated by an underwriter and sent to Consultants for completion. The Divisional or Regional managers the Insurance Company assigns this service request to the field staff track and report on the status of the request. The system can also be customized to provide “Loss Control Analytics”

Allocation of budgets for accounts at account level or activity level
Service Plan
Prepare Service Plans – Design safety and other loss-prevention programs.
Automatic Request for Service (Surveys/Inspections/ Service Visits)
Loss prevention program audits
Follow-up on the recommendations
“Management Reports” on the results of safety efforts to clients
Measure the savings from losses that were prevented from occurring
Time Service Reports report the Time spent on servicing the Accounts
Ad hoc reporting – Reporting user defined fields and selections on the Fly.
Slicing and Dicing through the Data
Historical Analysis of the Data
Claims/Loss Analysis for problem identification
Effectiveness of Surveys /Programs
Assign RFS to in-house Loss Control Consultant or Vendors
Rule based automatic RFS routing
Transfer RFS
Complete workload balancing support
Rule based e-mail alerts
Approval Survey/Inspection Reports
Manage and track work (Mywork)
Track Recommendation/Follow-up
Download/Upload of RFS data for offline work
View Survey/Inspections reports on-line
Complete Historical Inspection Access
Survey/Inspection Report generation
Time and Expenses
Record Time and Expenses
View Time & Expenses for primary and other engineers assigned to the RFS
Approval of Time and Expenses
Produce invoices
Billing files in Excel for the Accounting Department