24×7 ESI Premium Audit Solution is a new generation solution that streamlines and gives you total control over the Premium Audit Process. Our Solution puts all information regarding your Premium Audit Process at your fingertips, and allows you to make better decisions.

24×7 ESI Premium Audit Solution allows you to electronically manage your Premium Audit process from creating audits automatically from policy data to providing the final audit report to the underwriter.


Secure download and upload of audits to and from the fieldAllows viewing and printing of audits online, quickly and easilySchedule and Assign Audits for Mail, Telephone and Field AuditsRule based automatic Audit routing via user customized territory/region setupsRule based e-mail alertsWorkload balancing of audits between auditorsIndividual auditor inventory management with scheduling and late audit flagging.

Mail Audit

Automated Windows interface for generating, printing and scanner/fax receipt and automated input/Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) of generated data.
Tracking, follow up letters, and escalation of audits

Telephone Audit

Automated Windows interface for managing and fulfilling phone audits.
Inventory management
Receipt and transmittal of audits and audit requests through

Supports multiple verifications and Quality ControlSeamless and integrated interface for maintaining and accessing historical audit and policy data.Preserves the entire audit trailDigital record of policy and policy related documents for real time, reference and viewing of paper based documents.Complete Management reports for real time analysis and review of policy, audit and auditor dataEnables communication between carriers and fee service companiesAdministration Console for managing, reporting, billing, auditor and territory management, and analysis.