Product Development

24×7 ESI Product Development group collaborates with its clients to help them accelerate product development and product lifecycle. Product development services from 24×7 ESI helps Software Product companies achieve a substantial reduction in time-to-market, while the client development team focuses on core activities like maximizing value-addition to the overall product and innovation.

24×7 ESI Product development group helps in End-to-end lifecycle management for a software company’s core and new products. 24×7 ESI delivers complete product lifecycle solutions as an extension of our client’s core R&D organization, this helps our clients achieve up to 20% in cost reductions and reduce cycle time by 30% or more. 24×7 ESI engages with software companies through all product development phases, from Product Planning to Release.

24×7 ESI provides you the ability to ramp up development efforts temporarily and cost-effectively to take advantage of a narrow window of opportunity. In addition 24×7 ESI can systematically perform feature upgrades for your product. Benefit from 24×7 ESI’s processes for systematically scanning and evaluating new technologies and incorporate these into your products.

24×7 ESI Product development services include

  • Product Planning
    • Architecture, Concept & Specification
    • Prototyping, Design & Optimization
  • Product Development
  • New Product Releases
    • Major releases
    • Minor releases
  • Release Management
  • Product Management
  • Major Enhancements
  • Coding & Code Isolation
  • Executable System
  • Deliverable System


24×7 ESI lower risks, by ensuring quality and availability of qualified developers with domain knowledge and thus helps the clients define innovative product features and functionality that satisfy evolving market demand. By optimizing and distributing the development efforts across locations, 24×7 ESI enables clients to launch compelling products ahead of their competition.