Many projects are often late, over budget and don’t meet strategic goals. Most companies have little oversight over their project portfolios and employ chaotic processes, leading to a loss of time, revenue and resources.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management minimizes financial risk, streamlines business processes and helps make a more balanced mix of strategic project investment decisions. Successful project portfolio management structures are constantly monitored to assess which projects are on track, which need help and which should be shut down.

24×7 ESI Solution

For many years, 24×7 ESI has been assisting Fortune 500 companies in project and program management activities. Based on this operational experience, we offer clients both technical solution and set of services to quickly implement efficient Project Portfolio Management infrastructure.

24×7 ESI builds an effective collaborative solution to support project portfolio management that suits your needs. Our solution, based on Internet technologies, can be accessed a secured way and via a browser. The solution comprising of third party components and 24×7 ESI PPM framework, integrates both document management and workflow facilities. Our PPM Solution is a platform for CIOs and other Senior IT managers to manage their entire IT organizations priorities.

24×7 ESI follows a four step process for IT organization overhaul:

  • Organize
  • Get objective data
  • Align people, projects, processes, and priorities
  • Monitor & manage continuous Improvement

The Technology solution addresses

  • Project prioritization and weighting
  • Rational resource allocation
  • Revenue, scope, cost analysis, allocation and management
  • Integrating project risk assessment with portfolio level risk assessment
  • Stakeholder management and competitive analysis
  • Portfolio Decision Making and Managing Ongoing Challenges