Systems Integration

Most enterprises have large investments in IT assets that continue to provide business returns. These assets spread from legacy platforms and client-server systems, to more recent multi-tier or browser-based designs.

It’s never been more challenging building solutions with myriad of technology choices supporting an ever-dynamic business environment The Breadth and Depth of our Systems Integration Capabilities enables us to leverage your IT investments, minimize your risk and deliver complete systems integration services and solutions addressed to your unique business needs.

This type of integration work requires an understanding of business processes and legacy system technology, deep traditional application development, a breadth of knowledge across disparate software and platforms, and outstanding technical and architectural skills.

We combine complex technologies together with our proven processes to maximize compatibility, interoperability and enterprise wide information integration.

The end result is an enterprise information strategy that maximizes speed, effectiveness and efficiency across the entire organization, ultimately reducing costs and improving revenue generation.

Our Systems Integration portfolio offers:

  1. Architect, Integrate and Manage custom application and information infrastructures
  2. Enterprise Application Integration

Systems Migration

Enterprises like yours today face the challenge to migrate the legacy platforms to retain their competitive edge. The business challenges that make migration imperative are two fold. While on one hand you have your resources locked in maintaining your legacy platforms, on the other you are losing out on the business benefits of the new age technology.

What you need is a right migration strategy which helps you eliminate the high maintenance costs and the lower productivity – related to say lack of inter-operability, associated with your legacy systems and at the same time allows you to leverage the benefits of more recent platforms such as gaining access to the next generation technologies like Web Services. These technologies help you to significantly reduce time to market and maximize productivity by providing seamless working environments through advanced collaboration tools.

24×7 ESI’ s Enterprise Platform Migration Methodology allows our clients to develop an effective enterprise application evolution strategy. The Enterprise Platform Migration Methodology provides a framework for assessing the existing application landscape, identifying issues and risks in a well-defined and structured manner and developing a migration strategy and realistic implementation plan that can be executed successfully. It provides a step-by-step process that navigates the enterprise through this evolution.

Platform migrations may vary significantly in size, scope and complexity. Every enterprise will discover differences in the drivers for the migration, impact on end users and support organizations. Despite these differences, we have identified a generic migration process that can help you navigate from migration conception through deployment and finally maintenance. The migration process can be broken down into the following major sub-processes:

  • Assessment & Analysis
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Pilot
  • Implementation & Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support
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