Duck Creek

Duck Creek has been recognized as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner “Magic Quadrant for P&C Core Platforms, North America” seven years in a row.The Duck Creek Platform capabilities consist of low-code configuration tools, integrations with the insurtech ecosystem, open APIs, and a commitment to keep Duck Creek software code separate from carriers’ IP, which creates future-ready solutions that put the insurer in control of change.

247ESI has proven expertise and deep knowledge of the entire Duck Creek Product Suite. We have been investing in accelerators, tools and methodologies, such as, DataXpress and RoboXpress

What is DataXpress?

Why DataXpress?

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RoboXpress – Duck Creek Headless Testing

Headless testing is a way of running browser UI tests without the head, which in this case means that there’s no browser UI, no GUI of any sorts. This is useful since when running tests, especially in a CI environment, there is nobody “watching” the visuals, so there is no need to have the extra overhead of the browser GUI.

One of the biggest reasons for using a headless browser/carrying out headless testing is regression test automation. We have a proprietary tool that allows clients to scale their regression test and significantly increase test coverage and improve code quality.

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